How to buy Diamonds using the 4 C’s


We like to think that the jewellery we purchase are a good buy. Quality is an important factor for us jewellery shoppers, but how could we make sure we are getting quality when buying diamonds? First introduced in the mid-20th century, “the 4 C’s” is universally acknowledged as the main way to determine the quality of a diamond. Our quick breakdown on how to buy diamonds using the 4 c’s is here to help you get the best value for money.


When choosing your diamond, It is important to consider the carat. While most people think carat refers to size or how large the diamond is, it actually measures the diamond’s weight. You can make an easy mental note for this first “C”,  the bigger the carat = the better. Diamonds that weigh 24 carats and above are considered top-class diamonds. Another note to keep in mind is that two diamonds can have the same carat weight but differ in value because of the remaining “C’s”.  Below is a selection of incredible Diamonds from Hearts on Fire, Available at Jessop Jewellers.


A grading scale is used to determine a diamond’s value based on its color. The diamond colour scale ranges alphabetically from D to Z. Diamond colours can also range from white to even black diamonds. Coloured diamonds are eye-catching, but white or “colourless” diamonds generally have a higher value compared to others. These higher quality grades are the D-grades, which are considered colourless and the purest diamonds. Diamonds sold in local jewellery stores are typically “almost colourless” with a grade between G and J. Anything with a grade after J is considered a “coloured” diamond as the diamond’s colour can be detected by the naked eye.


Clarity is the third “C” to keep in keep in mind when shopping for a diamond. Diamonds aren’t perfect. Just like any precious gem, diamonds also have flaws and no matter how bright and shiny it may look, the blemishes still remain. These imperfections, more commonly known as a diamond’s clarity, are often graded to determine if the rock is top quality. A diamond’s grading scale is a bit tough to remember but a rule of thumb is to choose grades between VVSI-SI1. These grades have no visible inclusions to the naked eye. A flawless diamonds are awarded an FL grade and would be the most expensive.


The forth “C”, a diamond’s cut, determines its beauty and style. There are different types of diamond cuts which includes: princess cut, cushion cut, oval cut, square cut and even heart-shaped cut. The most classic styles include princess, emerald and square cuts. A diamond’s cut plays an important role in its beauty because light bounces and reflects from the diamond and gives it that shine that most purchasers are looking for. If a diamond is not cut proportionally, the diamond may appear dull and poorer quality. Based on our experience, the most brilliant cut is a round cut as light can bounce from all angles, when cut appropriately. However, we encourage to shop for your preferred style as each cut has its own allure. 

Baby Fever


What makes our christening gifts special? We are and always have been a family jeweller. We have been there celebrating all of life’s milestones with many families. And we offer the most special details in commemorating special events. There is no event more special than celebrating the christening of your newest family member.

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Seasonal Styling


Is it just us or does the change season give us the motivation to change our style?! From bold rings to contrasting layers, there’s plenty of ways to inject some Autumnal sunshine into your wardrobe this new season

Mixed Metals

Matchy-matchy is so last year! And for the new season 2019 that also applies to your jewellery. Mixed metals has been around for a little while but we feel mixed metals is just made for the transitional Autumn season. Contrasting colours, warm golds with cool silvers. Layer rose and yellow gold or pure platinum – whatever you do make sure you mix it up.

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September Birthstone; Sapphire


Can you believe that’s the first week in September past already? How fast is this year going? Thinking of a gift for somebody this month? Why not choose something a little more personal with their birthstone.

Sapphires are not only blue, they come in almost every color of the rainbow: pink, yellow, orange, peach, and violet colors. The most well known Sapphire colour is the stunning deep blue Sapphire. We have many Sapphires at Jessop Jewellers and is one of our most popular Gemstones. We have various pieces of jewellery in store and online featuring this beautiful stone.

Birthstones are gemstones that accompany a birth month, each having a unique meaning and history. The popularity of birthstones dates back to ancient times when certain people believed that gemstones had incredible powers such as luck, health and prosperity. Traditionally, each month is associated with a single gemstone, but there are a few months with multiple  birthstones. The birthstones associated with birth months today are not necessarily the same ones that were used in ancient times. In those days, colour was the most important feature of a gemstone so they did not distinguish between gems the way we do today. For instance, they did not distinguish between a Ruby and a Garnet as their colouring can be very similar.

Gifts of gemstone jewellery with a loved one’s birthstone are very popular because of the desire to wear a beautiful colour as well as something which has personal significance. You don’t need to become a gemstone or birthstone expert to find the perfect gift. Whether you’re looking for a gemstone ring adorned with the birthstone of a child, or a beautiful set of birthstone earrings, we’re here to help! Check out this gorgeous bracelet featuring a delicate Pink Sapphire. The perfect gift for a new baby girl!

When hearing the word Sapphire many people immediately envision a stunning violet-blue gemstone because the word “Sapphire” is Greek for blue. For centuries, the Sapphire has been referred to as the ultimate blue gemstone. Since Ancient times the Blue Sapphire represented a promise of honesty, loyalty, purity and trust. To keep with this tradition Sapphires are one of the most popular engagement gemstones today.

Sapphire is found in many parts of the world, but the most prized Sapphires are from Myanmar (Burma), Kashmir and Sri Lanka. Sapphires with highly saturated violet-blue color and “velvety” or “sleepy” transparency are more rare. The purer the blue of the Sapphire, the greater the price. However, many people find that the darker hues of Sapphire can be just as appealing.

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AW19 Mens Watches


Men’s watches are more than just a timepiece; they’re a statement of style and a knowing eye for quality craftsmanship. Whether it’s luxury or designer mens watch to pair with formal wear or if you are looking for something more classic to bring a touch of class to a casual ensemble, you’ll find it at Jessop Jewellers. We’re proud to bring you the greatest styles and quality watches in our ever-growing portfolio. We know what makes gents’ watches tick and are an authorised retailer of luxury brands including Bulova, Citizen, Weird Ape, Raymond Weil, Skagen and Tissot.

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Summer Glow with Sif Jakobs


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